Last chance to enter our sunflower competition!

Sunflower growing competition

Many of you entered our SUNFLOWER GROWING COMPETITION earlier this year.
We have three categories:
1. Growing the most wonderful sunflower
2. Creating a painting, drawing or a collage of a sunflower
3. Best decorated sunflower pot
Our competition closing date is Wednesday 25th August.
This has been a challenging year for growing…first the weather was too dry and hot, then too wet with flooding.
If you managed to grow a sunflower in that weather, then congratulations! That is already an achievement.
If you were unlucky with your flower growing, you can also join by submitting a picture of your artwork.
We would love a picture of you standing next to your sunflower/artwork or holding it.
We might use some of the pictures on social media, so if you are sending us a picture of your family member, please ask for a permission first and clearly state in your email entry the name of the person in the picture and that they agreed for their picture to be used by WMBL on social media or promotions.
All pictures will be received with an understanding that we will have a permission to use them in the future.
We will choose one of the pictures in random, and the winner of each category will receive one year’s Walthamstow Tool Library membership.
(This will be given to an adult in the family if the winner is under 18)
Please email your entries to  by Wednesday 25th August.
We will announce the winners of all three categories when our next Autumn newsletter comes out.

Good luck and have fun growing and creating!


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