Priory Court Community Centre

One of the best amenities if not the only one of the William Morris Ward is the Priory Court Community Centre. Unfortunately, I don’t think that it is being used to its full potential.

It is a reasonably modern complex but the surrounding grounds to the centre is dull, uninviting and does nothing to attract attention as to what it is.

Money from the Big Local Fund to Landscape the surrounding area would be a great improvement making the centre more pleasing to the eye and as a result I think would attract more usage by way of Hall bookings for Wedding Receptions, Birthday Bashes and the likes, also business meetings, all of which would help towards the running cost of the centre. Landscaping the area would also benefit the residents living nearby. The Centre is on the main road through the Priory Court Estate and could be a main attraction with people travelling through.

A landscaping idea drawn up consists of the following:

  • Re-turfing the grass area at the front of the centre and apply a seating area with benches.
  • Place a pathway through the grass area where people currently cut across.
  • Clearing away all the old shrubbery and replacing them with fresh soil/compost and bedding plants.
  • Erecting hanging baskets around the building.
  • Removing and replacing the old shrubs with new around the car park area.
  • Painting the ball court fencing and repairing where necessary.
  • A hosepipe connection

There is a Gardening club attached to the centre which would maintain and replenish the area as and when needed.

I am a resident of the William Morris Ward and I use the centre a lot. I think that this would be money well spent.

P Stanton

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2 thoughts on “Priory Court Community Centre”

  1. I live on the Priory Court estate and infront of our home is a little square where trees are planted. I would love to see back to back benches where we can relax while waiting for the bus and enjoying the view of lavender plants which I propose should be placed around the base of the trees. I would also like to suggest a system of rent -a -tool or borrow -a- tool so resident can keep gardens and surrounding beautiful.

    1. Thanks for these suggestions they will be included in the big local conversation. It is so exciting to be going through all the ideas we have so far. Alice and I did an initial sort on my living room floor yesterday!

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