Minutes of the WMBL partnership meeting

William Morris Big Local Partnership Meeting Minutes

Time: 7pm to 9pm
Date: 18/01/2016
Venue: Priory Court Community Centre



Chrys Christy – Chair (CC)

Gill Jacobs – Partnership member (GJ)

Valerie Stapleton – Partnership member (VS)

Cassie White – Partnership member (CW)

David Vincent – Partnership member (DV)

Mr Khan – Partnership member (MK)



Peter Stanton – Vice Chair (PS)

Lloyd Maharaja – Partnership member (LM)

Denis Maslan – Partnership member (DM)

Jon Stout – Local Trust Rep. (JS)


Minutes/Matters Arising

  1. Code of Conduct
    CC welcomed everyone to the meeting. Highlighted the WMBL Code of Conduct which everyone present had a copy of.
  2. Minutes/Matters Arising
    CC explained that in the previous meeting of the 8th December 2015, partnership was not quorate so, needed discussion and agreement on what was discussed.Went through the minutes of:

6th October         –      Add David Vincent to attendance record. Minutes agreed.
27th October       –    
Minutes agreed
17th November  –    
Change Community Chest to 6K. Minutes Agreed
8th December     –    
Forum date to be changed to Tuesday 9th February 2016

Development Worker CV’s deadline 12th February 2016

GJ to speak to Circle 33 – Lola re: concessions/funding for Worth Unlimited to use Priory Court Community Centre for Youth Club

GJ to book Priory Court for first 2 Forum dates. CC to book with William Morris Community Centre for last 2 Forum dates.

3.  Worth Unlimited

Partnership discussed where the monthly Mobile Bus can be parked for the William Morris Big Local.

Agreed on:

6 months at Gnome House (Jan – June)

6 months at Green space by William Morris Close (Jul – Dec)

GJ to check with Lola from Circle 33 to find out whether they might be willing to provide any funding or concessions for the Youth Club.

Went through SLA and made the following changes:

  • To add Specific Condition – “Majority of attendees of the Youth Club and Mobile Bus to be from William Morris Ward (approx. 85%).”
  • To add standard conditions 6 – “Evidence of attendees and proportion from William Morris Ward.”
  • To add Service scope, line 4 (progress updates) – “Proportion of attendees From the William Morris Ward.”
  • Payment schedule – take of e.g. used. Final total – £18,443.
  • To amend mistake on declaration (point 5) regarding “On behalf of the Organisation.”


  1. Update on recruitment for Development Worker Role: 

Went through for Development Worker and made the following changes:

  • Deadline of “Comprehensive CV to be sent in by 5pm Friday 12th February 2016.”
  • Under person Specification – add “proven interpersonal skills.”
  • Under person Specification – add “It is also highly desirable that the successful candidate will either be a resident of the ward or have in-depth knowledge of William Morris Ward.”


  1. Update on Crest
    CC passed round email from Alan Horne re: changes happening at Crest.After a brief discussion, partnership agreed that WMBL are still happy to work with Crest as their LTO. Partnership wants to thank Alan Horne for Crest’s transparency in informing us of their changes and circumstances.
  2. Financial Review
    WMBL went through figures set out in minutes of meeting of 17th November 2015 and made a change to Community Chest – should be 6K rather than 7K.

All were in agreement of the new financial figures for next 18 months. CC to update the Financial Section of the plan and forward the figures to Big Local.
DV and LM to work with Crest on the LTO Structure. PS to help once back to Partnership.


  1. Newsletter
    CW was unable to open Newsletter in the Format that was sent. CC and CW to have a look at the format and to produce a new Newsletter. Once updated, CC will send round a copy to partnership for review.Once agreed, Crest’s printers will print 5000 copies for us to distribute.

    Timeline urgent for Newsletter so that the date for the next Forum and Development Worker role is widely publicised.

    GJ and CW will help distribute leaflets to Priory Court and surrounding areas.

  2. AOB
  3. Website – CW and DV to monitor and update website. To add more content to website of whar is happening at WMBL and also to ensure that the Forum dates as well as JD of Development Worker is added.All partnership members are to invite their contacts (residents as well as stakeholders) to the Forum.

    Agudze – CC explained that Christina from Agudze had been in contact and that they were querying why they had not received the rest of the money from the project – £1500.

    GJ and CW explained that Agudze had not fulfilled their obligations as set out in their project summary and that is why there has been no agreement on paying out the rest of the money.

    CC and GJ to meet up on the 26th January 2016 to go through the timeline of what Agudze had accomplished of their project aims and what had not been fulfilled.

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