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Our Big Local Plan

William Morris Big Local Plan 2018 – 2021

Our vision is to bring together the talent, ambitions, skills and energy from individuals, groups and organisations around us to make the William Morris area an even better place to live. This will lead to a healthier, happier, stronger and more connected community. 
Specifically, and in response to what local people have said to us, we aim to;

  1. Bring people and grassroots groups together.
  2. Improve outdoor spaces and the environment.
  3. Support local business and enterprise development.

This has been developed into our three themes, ‘Strengthening the Community’, ‘Open Spaces’ and ‘Enterprise’ with separate detailed plans, costings and intended outcomes.

  1. Strengthening the Community

To achieve this we will create more opportunities for people to come together to learn new skills, have fun, socialise and feel connected to the area. This includes making the most of our existing and new community spaces and encouraging more activities, programmes and Get Togethers to take place for the benefit of everyone.

  1. Improving Outdoor Spaces

We want to bring about wider access to outdoor activities and quality open spaces as well as enhancing our urban environment through greening projects and public realm improvements. We want to support the community to act together on improving our area and get directly involved in transforming outdoor spaces large and small. This in turn will help reduce pollution and make our area more wildlife friendly.

  1. Supporting Local Business and Enterprise

The plan will grow an enterprise offer in partnership with local entrepreneurs and support providers who can add value to the programme. For the purposes of this plan, we define enterprise as individuals involved in the creation of value which is traded in return for money or other forms of currency e.g. time and skills. We will also be engaging in social enterprise which is a business model “that trades to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s life chances, or the environment” (Social Enterprise UK).

Our current 3 year plan was submitted to Local Trust at the beginning of 2018. The plan and the budget to deliver it were assessed and then approved in March. To view the plan in full please click on the link below:

Full Copy of our 3 Year Plan – WMBL_THE_PLAN-2018-2021

Summary of our 3 Year Plan – WMBL_ThePlan_summary


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