Happy Birthday William Morris

On Saturday 24th March we helped celebrate the birthday of William Morris, Walthamstow’s famous designer whose legacy still lives on strongly in the fabric of our local history and heritage.

The weather was kind, as were the lovely people that came out and celebrated with us by having tea, cake and friendly chat. Cakes were made by some seriously skilled volunteer bakers with an extra special centrepiece cake decorated with a William Morris inspired pattern. Thanks Trisha!  There were games for the kids as well as craft activities and we spent a lovely few hours talking to people about William Morris, our  programme and about the things that people most like about living in the area. We also asked people for their thoughts on future William Morris birthday celebrations with some great ideas like festivals, cake competitions, and our favourite idea, to do a world record of some kind!  


William Morris was born at Elm House, in Walthamstow on 24th March 1834. His childhood home, Water House, is now the William Morris Gallery and is devoted to his life and work as designer, craftsman, writer, conservationist and socialist.  http://www.wmgallery.org.uk 

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