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About Us

The William Morris area of Walthamstow is one of 150 locations in England to be allocated £1m of Lottery Funding to make a lasting positive difference to the area and people who live here. We are a resident led project that aims to bring together all the talent, ambitions, skills and energy from individuals, groups and organisations who want to make their area an even better place to live. 

What its about

  • The community making a difference to the needs it prioritises.
  • People feeling that their area is an even better place to live.
  • Communities will be better able to identify local needs and take action in response to them.
  • People will have increased skills and confidence, so that they continue to identify and respond to needs in the future.

What’s it not about

  • It’s not about the local authority, the government or a national organisation telling us how to spend the funding.
  • It’s not about individual groups fixing their favourite problem without talking to a wide range of different people who live and work in the community.
  • It’s not about short-term thinking – we’ve got 10 years or more to plan and deliver the best options for our area.

Big Local Partnership
The Big Local partnership is a group of residents from the William Morris Ward, who together are responsible for guiding the overall direction of the Big Local in their area. The Big Local plan describes the priorities for the area and how we  will work towards achieving them and making the ward an even better place to live. The residents on the partnership meet every 6 weeks to steer the project and every 3 months they hold a public meeting (Forum) to present updates, host presentations from funded projects and ask for feedback and ideas from the local community to help make sure the project stays relevant and meets local need.

The Big Local partnership and plans are endorsed by Local Trust, the charity that supports and oversees all 150 Big Locals nationally.

Community Development Worker
We have a part time Community Development Worker who is employed to support the Partnership, help put our plan into action, be active in the community and raise the profile of what we do. 

Big Local Representative

We also have a representative from the Local Trust who provides a direct link between the William Morris Big Local and Local Trust and who attends partnership meetings and forums to help with governance, direction, and the overall running of the project.

Locally Trusted Organisation
Our finances and accounts are administered by our Locally Trusted Organisation which is Crest Waltham Forest. They hold the purse strings for us, make payments and draw down the Lottery money on our behalf. 

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