Forum Meeting Dates for 2015

Big Local Forum Dates For 2015 are as follows:-

Tuesday 20th January at 7pm Salvation Army, Forest Rd, E17
Tuesday 21st April at 7pm Priory Court Community Centre, Priory Court, E17
Tuesday 15th September at 7pm William Morris Community Centre, Greenleaf Rd, E17
Tuesday 17th November at 7pm Priory Court Community Centre , Priory Court, E17

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Partnership says ‘Thankyou’

Message from Monawara Ali, who has stepped down from her position as the Chair for William Morris Big Local in November 2014.

Dear all,

As you were all aware of my involvement within the William Morris Big Local Partnership, I just wanted to inform you that I am no longer a member of the Partnership. However, as a resident of the ward I will always support those who go out of their way to make a positive change by committing their time and energy to making our community a better place.

Warm regards
Monwara Ali

William Morris Big Local Partnership Members would like to Thank Monawara Ali for her contributions, as the Chair for William Morris Big Local and ensuring that priorities were set as part of action plan for the area.
Under Monawara’s leadership William Morris Big Local Action Plan was agreed by the Local Trust.
Partnership Members would like to wish Monawara all the best for the future.
We look forward to her participation at our Big Local William Morris Forums.

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