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Wanted – artist for a new mural

We are seeking an artist to work with our young local group and give our Tool Lending Library a splash of colour.  Read the artist’s brief here.

The Tool Library building is very nondescript and although it is on a main road it is set back from the pavement and not very noticeable. We want to make the building much more eye-catching and welcoming so that people won’t just walk by it. The mural will be part of a few physical enhancements to the site including planters, benches and signposting that are all being community led. The Tool Lending Library is a community facility and we want to give it a splash of colour to really help bring it to life.

The artwork will need to be:

  • eye catching
  • able to blend the art styles of realism and impressionism to the theme of nature, grass, flowers, trees. Some of the mural will need to be done in the style of Minecraft building blocks. (at the request of the youth group!)
  • appealing to local community, visitors and passers by
  • draw attention to the Tool Library and help raise its profile.
  • long lasting, weather proof, vandal proof and able to grow old gracefully if the option of maintenance is not feasible.

All artists interested in approaching us with a proposal can find our full brief here:   Artist Brief for TLL Mural 

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What next for the William Morris Community?

It’s time to look ahead at what’s on the horizon for the William Morris community and how WMBL can best use its remaining £500k of funding over the next four years (2021 – 2025).

We’re asking you and everyone in the local area what matters most right now and to help decide what WMBL should focus on in a new community plan to be sent to our funders.

We’ve put together a survey to help gather opinion and would dearly like as many people as possible to complete it. For around 5 minutes of your time you can help determine what activities WMBL undertakes over the next 4 years.

Click here for the survey 

This consultation builds on previous ones which shaped our overall aims to:

  1. Improve Outdoor Spaces
  2. Support the Local Economy, and
  3. Strengthen the Community.

We’ve made a start with thinking about what type of projects and activities could happen and these build on WMBL’s key successes to date and the direction in which local people have taken things so far. You can take a look at our draft plan here.

If you know anyone that would like a paper copy of the survey please give us a call on 07552364380 and we can arrange one to be posted out. We are also more than happy to carry out a survey over the phone. If this is an option you would like please call us to arrange. 

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Happy Birthday William Morris!

William Morris picture in a gold frame is having a birthday, with birthday cake, balloons and a party hat.

William Morris was born on 24th March 1834, in Walthamstow. We may not be able to celebrate his birthday this year due to the lockdown, but we would still like to commemorate the English designer, craftsman, poet, and early socialist, whose designs for furniture, fabrics, stained glass, wallpaper, and other decorative arts generated the Arts and Crafts movement in England.  Happy birthday, William. Next year we will celebrate properly.

You can find more about his work here.

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